These are a list of Plasmids that can be used during the campaign gameplay



Electro Bolt

Sonic Boom

Geyser Trap

Steam Splash

Winter Blast

Multi-Use Plasmid

Lock-On Plasmid

Security Bullseye


Gravity Well

Aero Dash

Wind Storm

Cyclone Trap

Insect Swarm


Target Dummy


Plasmids can now be dual wielded and spliced together to perform devestating combos and mass destruction without the use of firearms.

Examples Include A Bit of the Following:

Electro Bolt + Aero Dash = A speedy dash torwards a target that electrocutes them as you pass by.

Charge-Up: Allowing the other hand to have another spliced plasmid such as.... Incinerate + Sonic Boom, etc.

Plasmids do not have to be spliced, however if two plasmids of the same nature are used, the results grow explonentially. EX: Two Electro Bolt plasmids deal damage and stunning with every hit.

All PLasmids have mild non- EVE consuming melee attacks use brief usages for quick stealth.

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