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1onskates September 5, 2011 User blog:1onskates
Elizabeth and Him art

BioShock Infinite will release shortly next year. This being said, what do you have for it? Can Infinite be a new IP, a brand new, out of the box shooter that is relevant only to its franchise? Or will BioShock Infinite *please don't* just be a refurbrished packaging of BioShock and BioShock 2?

If a BioShock product is releasing, guess what? I'm buying it. If a Dead Space product is releasing, guess what? I'm buying it. If a Resistance product is coming out, then guess what? I am buying it.

I want to make ammends that we should say what we do not [wait for it] and what we do want in this prequel tale to BioShock. If Infinite is a marketing success, can we expect BioShock 3? Bioshock Infinite 2? Or another new unrelated fantastic chapter in the BioShock Universe?

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