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    BioShock's Potential

    September 5, 2011 by 1onskates

    BioShock Infinite will release shortly next year. This being said, what do you have for it? Can Infinite be a new IP, a brand new, out of the box shooter that is relevant only to its franchise? Or will BioShock Infinite *please don't* just be a refurbrished packaging of BioShock and BioShock 2?

    If a BioShock product is releasing, guess what? I'm buying it. If a Dead Space product is releasing, guess what? I'm buying it. If a Resistance product is coming out, then guess what? I am buying it.

    I want to make ammends that we should say what we do not [wait for it] and what we do want in this prequel tale to BioShock. If Infinite is a marketing success, can we expect BioShock 3? Bioshock Infinite 2? Or another new unrelated fantastic chapter in t…

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    I have a few new enemies for BioShock 3, some are being brought back, daddadadaa... whatever

    These bots are listed in order from which they are encountered during the campaign....

    SMG Turret

    RPG Turret

    Falmethrower Turret

    Electric Turret

    Laser Turret

    Security Bot

    Security Camera

    Miniature Turret

    Spider Bot ( Exclusive to BioShock 3, they scale walls to release mini-turrets and/or act as cameras

    RPG Bot

    Hail Bot (Bots that moleculize the moisture in air to temporarily freeze any non-targets in the way of their mission, they can repetitively blast large shreds of ice and sleet. They can only be attacked by an ambush, otherwise there isn't a point in challenging them.)

    Big Daddies listed in order from which they are encountred

    Corral Big Daddy ( N…

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    These are a list of Plasmids that can be used during the campaign gameplay



    Electro Bolt

    Sonic Boom

    Geyser Trap

    Steam Splash

    Winter Blast

    Multi-Use Plasmid

    Lock-On Plasmid

    Security Bullseye


    Gravity Well

    Aero Dash

    Wind Storm

    Cyclone Trap

    Insect Swarm


    Target Dummy


    Plasmids can now be dual wielded and spliced together to perform devestating combos and mass destruction without the use of firearms.

    Examples Include A Bit of the Following:

    Electro Bolt + Aero Dash = A speedy dash torwards a target that electrocutes them as you pass by.

    Charge-Up: Allowing the other hand to have another spliced plasmid such as.... Incinerate + Sonic Boom, etc.

    Plasmids do not have to be spliced, however if two plasmids of the same na…

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    Did the farmer always judge by the sweat of another's brow? Have the children ever ceased to vow? How can you even slumber in my darkest noir, forsaken has my luck annoying. When the wisps of air crumble. Who will match and rule this Rapture? - Brigid Tennenbaum

    After Jack Ryan had escaped Rapture, what did he do before he passed away? What did Eleanor Lamb and Subject Delta do as they escaped the imprisonment of Rapture? They changed, living every minute of every momentous hour of every day in thought and jubilee nly if they made the right decisions.

    After Rapture's second fall, a frail woman named Brigid Tennebaum seized the genetic key to the great city. The Splicers had died out in a thirst for ADAM. Big Daddies and Lit…

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    Atlantic Waters 1968

    Off the coast of Iceland, the I.S. Concourse was a ship launched by the outer world to retrieve resources from the no longer dependable city-state of Rapture to help provide for poor countries who have fallen low to Soviet Experiments across Europe. On September 14, a company of high-classed pirates boarded the Concourse to Rapture after recieving a world-wide released telegraph describing feed back from a survivor who documented his experiences within Rapture. A man named Augustus Sinclair.

    As they submerged into the depths of Rapture, only half of the crew made it along the borders of the now ancient city; the rest of them killed by upcoming debris caused by the liberation of a friend of Augustus Sinclair, Johnny Tops…

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