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December 9, 2009
Fontaine 1
Bornc. 1992
Arrived in Rapturec. 2009
AffiliationRapture Central Computing
Physical Description
Hair ColorBlond
Eye ColorGreen
Combat TypeMachine Gun (Thompson)

Puppets' Master

Sweet Madness
Appears inMinerva's Den
Voice ActorMyself
Pauolo Minerva's Den Logo

Welcome to Pauolo's Den.

About meEdit

Paul's Life in RaptureEdit

Before the fall of Rapture, Paul worked for Rapture Central Computing as an engineer assigned to the regulation of the Thinker's database, literally checking its memory all day long. When the company's co-founder Mr. Porter began to "feed" his creation with recordings of his deceased wife, Paul was asked to help him in archiving each recording inside the supercomputer's mainframe. As the city fell in the Civil War and Porter was incarcerated, he was kicked out of Minerva's Den by the remaining founder and owner of the place,Wahl, for being too close to Porter.

With nothing to do except avoiding the raging street fights, he started to collect every audio diary and records he could find, hoping it would help him to tell the tragic story of this city after the end of the war.

In 1960, he tried to escape via a contraband submarine hidden in Port Neptune, but discovered it was destroyed before his arrival. Learning Ryan's death over the PM from Dr. Lamb, he tried another escape, but resigned when he saw a bathysphere shot down by torpedoes. He had not other option but to stay indefinitly in Rapture in order to achieve his quest of recordings, and waited for the odds to be in his favor.

In 1968 he was still alive, hiding in the devastated Mercury Suites. He finally found an opportunity to regain the surface with a fishing submarine when Sofia Lamb's reign over Rapture ended (and so her control over the torpedo launchers around the city). He then made contact with the other survivors who made it to the surface before him, in order to decide if they should reveal Rapture to the world or simply hide and avoid the tragedy to repeat.

To be continued.

An Unusual AnecdoteEdit

Sometimes during 1960, the bathysphere lockdown was suddenly removed, and so Paul decided to reach the Welcome Center's bathysphere station, which kept the only public submarine vessel who could be easily hacked into allowing manual control. However, as he was progressing through the Lounge, he witnessed a strange couple coming out of nowhere, a man and a young woman wearing old-fashioned clothes, followed by a giant creature shaped as a bird, trapped outside the building behind the glass. As the creature finally drowned due to the extreme pressure of the ocean's depths, they left the room in direction of the station, the man looking as lost as Paul was. Now the fact is, Paul recognized the man as a private investigator who disappeared shortly after the Kashmir Restaurant's bombing on the eve of 1959. He kept this story for himself, knowing that no one would ever believe such strange tale.

Favorite quotes Edit

"Sometimes, when I walk into my office, I get the impression that I'm walking among the ruins of a lost civilization. Not because of the reigning disorder, but because it all seems to be the remains of that civilized person that I used to be."
―John Blacksad
"Sure you hear it in Rapture. One of the business types asked me, "Why don't you splice white? Get ahead!" Well, that's some idiocy! I told him, "First of all I AM ahead. Second, in Rapture it's your WORK that's supposed to matter, not your skin!" Too bad for some folks you can't splice in common sense."
Charles Milton Porter

Test template Edit

I'm working on a general media template for the series. If you want to comment or make suggestions, leave them on my talk page.

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