The following are all unused radio messages removed from the Operations level of BioShock 2's downloadable content, Minerva's Den.



01. C.M. Porter - The ThinkerEdit

VO MDA R Port Motivation 01.wa

It's loss that brought me to Rapture... the loss of my wife, Pearl... all because of another man's war. The Thinker is all I've got now, and its programming is the blueprint. Dr. Tenenbaum understands. With the machine code in hand, she and I can return to the surface... and I can continue my life's work.

02. C.M. Porter - A Thinking ComputerEdit

VO MDA R Port Motivation 02.wa

I dreamed of a computer that could think for itself... and using Rapture's technology, I made that dream reality. The Thinker tackles abstract problems, analyzes them, and forms its own conclusions. New, genuine thought... up out of the machine. I can't leave it here to rot in Rapture. You and me... we're giving The Thinker a new lease on life.


01. C.M. Porter - Be Careful!Edit

VO MDA R Port VoltWarnin 01.wa

It'd pay to be more careful around that much voltage.


01. Reed Wahl - CongratulationsEdit

VO MDA R Reed TauntCode 01.wav

Congratulations, Sigma. You have proven your ability to count.


01. C.M. Porter - Get the Water OutEdit

That son of a bitch, Wahl. He flooded the clean chamber leading to Mainframe Access. If you can get the ventilation systems up and running, it should siphon the water back out.


01. C.M. Porter - Leaking CoolantEdit

VO MDA R Port Unfreeze 01.wav

Coolant must've sprung a leak... the controls for Turbine A are frozen solid.

02. C.M. Porter - Thaw the IceEdit

VO MDA R Port Unfreeze 02.wav

Climate Control is on ice until you get that console thawed out.

03. C.M. Porter - Melt the IceEdit

VO MDA R Port Unfreeze 03.wav

Find some way to melt the ice on the turbine control panel or else we'll never get out of Rapture.

04. C.M. Porter - Breaker Switch is on TopEdit

The Power Supply Coil is standing by. There should be a breaker switch all the way up top...

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