Diary 24
I guess even in a restricted area, these crackers need someone to clean floors, hm? Hmph. Those politicians and scientists don't bother 'bout what they say 'round me, because I'm some half-lettered colored boy. But I can tell they scared out of their wits by that thing they got locked upstairs, yessir.
― Ty Bradley[src]

Ty Bradley was an African American worker who found himself tasked with cleaning and maintaining parts of the tower on Monument Island when no one else would risk his or her life in this restricted area. Three months after he was employed, he recorded to his superior R. Thompson that many singularities were occurring around the complex such as strange fuse shortages and, judging by the abrupt ending of that recording, he may ultimately have been a victim of one of those incidents.


BioShock InfiniteEdit

Behind the ScenesEdit

  • Ty Bradley's abandoned locker can be found in Monument Island with a gas mask and two pinups.

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