Sofia Lamb Title Truth is in the Body
Speaker Sofia Lamb
Level Ryan Amusements
Truth is in the Body
AD gNr026-lNr11 Sofia Lamb - Truth is in the Body f0055
Transcript: Rapture is a paradise of the ego, Eleanor. Under Ryan, the voices of an entire city sing the virtues of greed and pride. But truth, rather, is in the body. Already they grow weary of struggling against one another in fruitless competition. Observe the bent backs, the drawn faces. "Ryan promised us more," they seem to say. "In what shall we now believe?" And Eleanor... it is our task to answer.

Location: On desk in the workshop room above Collapse Ave. In the Journey to the Surface park ride which can be entered through a hole in the wall at chaos corner.

AD gNr026-lNr11 Sofia Lamb - Truth is in the Body f0056

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