Kinetoscope Troy and Courtnee First Audition

"Troy and Courtnee: First Audition"
Level: The Columbian Archeological Society

Booker: Listen. Listen, he's gone. We're okay, he didn't spot us.
Elizabeth: No, he's ... he's just ...
Elizabeth: Promise me.
Booker: I will stop him.
Elizabeth: No. He's ... he's unstoppable.
Elizabeth: That is an oath that you cannot keep.
Elizabeth: But promise me that if it comes to it --
Elizabeth: You will not let him take me back.

Booker: It isn't going to come to that.

Location: In the museum section the first one on the left side. It's available to purchase in the museum for $2000

KIN gNr040-lNr01 Troy and Courtnee - Motion Capture - Liz Begs for Booker f0836

Video Edit

Troy and Courtnee First Audition01:00

Troy and Courtnee First Audition

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