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Trials are challenges in BioShock 2 Multiplayer and its downloadable content, the Sinclair Solutions Tester Pack, which, upon completion, grant the player an ADAM reward. Trials require the player to either fulfill a specific task several times, or achieve a much harder challenge on one occasion, and can be unlocked by reaching a specific Rank. There are three types of trials: Weapon Trials, Plasmid/Combo Trials and General Trials. Each type contains various skill testing tasks.

Main GameEdit

The following are all trials which can be normally unlocked in the game from rank 3 to 39.

Weapon TrialsEdit

Plasmid/Combo TrialsEdit

General TrialsEdit

Sinclair Solutions Tester PackEdit

The following are all trials added with the downloadable pack. There are either related to the new weapon upgrades or can only be unlocked in ranks higher than 40.

Weapon TrialsEdit

Plasmid/Combo TrialsEdit

General TrialsEdit

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