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Diary 17 Title Trapped
Speaker Preston E. Downs
Level Shantytown
Date July the 5th, 1912
Preston E. Downs - Trapped
Transcript: Well, Fitzroy -- got a little cunning in ya, if nothing else. Dropped a couple grizzly traps 'round the lines up here. Idea was bleed one of your couriers till he gave you up. 'Cept, of course, you're using kids now. Now I got this...tiny Injun boy, eyeballing me. Had to take his leg off. Damn thing's just...lying here between us. I sure wish he'd cry or something.

Location: In a small shelter in the Bull Yard with a bear trap and a flaming barrel.

VP gNr046-lNr02 Preston E. Downs - Trapped f0609 VP gNr046-lNr02 Preston E. Downs - Trapped f0610

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