Tool dispencer

A Tool Dispenser.

Tool Dispensers are a type of vending machine encountered early in the course of BioShock 2. When these machines are activated, a Hack Dart drops into a receptacle for the player to grab. The purpose of these machines, gameplay-wise, is to provide the player with additional Hack Darts, should they run out before accomplishing the current Hacking task. Tool Dispensers cost no money to use, and it is recommended the player obtain their maximum number after the local Hacking activity.

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Dispensers were installed in certain areas of Rapture to aid in common tasks. They will produce one kind of tool -- use them to resupply if necessary.

Behind the ScenesEdit

  • Unlike its counterpart, EVE Dispensers, the player only encounters two of these throughout the versions of BioShock. One in BioShock 2 is in the Atlantic Express level, right next to the Hack Tool. The other is in the executive wing of Minerva's Den, in the maintenance room underneath the boardroom, near the Hack Tool. It might be theorized that more exist, but only in maintenance areas.