Tommy Hanrahan
I can see whatever I want, wherever I want. Gonna splice up with Scout, then head down to the ladies' dressing rooms at the Adonis Resort
― Tommy Hanrahan[src]

Although little is known about the Rapture citizen Tommy Hanrahan, it is known that he drinks and splices. Sometime, either drunk or soon before becoming drunk, he was introduced to the Scout Plasmid. He states that he will use it to sneak into the women's dressing room at Adonis Luxury Resort, although it is unknown if he succeeded or made an actual attempt. Despite the fact that his Audio Diary was removed from BioShock 2 (it was however made available on the Cult of Rapture), a quote by Hanrahan, taken from his removed diary, can be seen during the loading screen for the Dionysus Park level of the game.

Audio DiaryEdit

BioShock 2Edit

Behind the ScenesEdit


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