Diary 24 Title Tiger by the Tail
Speaker Ty Bradley
Level Monument Island
Date April the 8th, 1912
Tiger by the Tail
Ty Bradley - Tiger by the Tail
Transcript: I guess even in a restricted area, these crackers need someone to clean the floors, hm? Hmph. Those politicians and scientists don't bother 'bout what they say 'round me, because I'm some half-lettered colored boy. But I can tell they scared out of their wits by that thing they got locked upstairs, yessir. They got a tiger by the tail, and they don't know whether to hang on...or run.

Location: In the staff lockers in the entryway of Monument Tower.

VP gNr013-lNr02 Ty Bradley - Tiger by the Tail f0547 VP gNr013-lNr02 Ty Bradley - Tiger by the Tail f0548

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