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C. M. Porter raw picture Title Thinker Input 1
Speaker Charles Milton Porter
Level Minerva's Den
Thinker Input 1
AD gNr145-lNr16 Charles Milton Porter - Thinker Input 1 f0305

Charles Milton Porter: Continuing input of audio data into The Thinker's database. Subject: Pearl Porter.

Pearl Porter: *Static* I don't know what to say, Milton. *Static clears up* Ahem, this is Mrs. Pearl Porter speaking.

Charles: Ha ha, that's the way.

Pearl: And I'm recording this message with my brilliant husband, whom I love very much, and, um, I am so looking forward to seeing London.

Charles: That wasn't so hard, now was it? Won't you be glad we have these to listen to when we're old and gray? *Static*

Location: Air-Tite Archives - In room to the right and underneath the hall leading to the Warehouse. Has a hole in the ceiling that lets you hack the door above.

AD gNr145-lNr16 Charles Milton Porter - Thinker Input 1 f0306

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