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Mark Title They Called it Rapture
Speaker Mark Meltzer
Level Adonis Luxury Resort
They Called it Rapture
AD gNr005-lNr05 Mark Meltzer - They Called It Rapture f0010
Transcript: Barely made it down alive, but here it is -- and it's real. Rapture. This is where that thing took my... my poor baby girl. From what I saw in the sub, most of the city's in ruins. But there were lights here and there. And shapes, moving... I'm rambling. Scared, I guess. But maybe -- if I find this "Doctor Lamb" I keep hearing over the PA... I'll find Cindy too.

Location: Next to an open suitcase in the blocked entryway to the Rapture Metro Station.

AD gNr005-lNr05 Mark Meltzer - They Called It Rapture f0011

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