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Sofia Lamb Title Therapy with Grace 1
Speaker Sofia Lamb
Level Pauper's Drop
Therapy with Grace 1
AD gNr041-lNr07 Sofia Lamb - Therapy with Grace 1 f0086

Grace: Doctor Lamb. Sofia. I came down here to sing, and to start a family... But I just don't fit with these people. Look at you. You fit with them.

Lamb: Grace... in Ryan's Rapture, I am the pariah. You and I share unpopular ideas -- but I wonder... how devoted are you to the Rapture people? If you wish to know more, wear this butterfly brooch at our next session. If not... no harm done -- we shall never speak of it again.

Location: On a cabinet in the upper level of the Luxury Rooms hotel in the Town Square.

AD gNr041-lNr07 Sofia Lamb - Therapy with Grace 1 f0087

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