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Therapy Wing Sign
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The paintings of a deer, a screaming man, two drowned victims, and three doctors.

Therapy wing. One of the Pediatric Wards is this way.
― Eleanor Lamb[src]

Therapy is one of the wings in Inner Persephone aside from Holding, and Infirmary. Subject Delta must locate the Pediatric Ward here to enlist the help of the Little Sisters to raise Sinclair's lifeboat.



Therapy Wing Chain Sign

This wing housed the "therapy" facilities of the Persephone prison. Some time after Sofia Lamb seized control of the prison, portions the wing were converted into a pediatric ward to house the new Little Sisters. It also contained an area of administrative offices and a Jet-Postal station.

Nowadays, the therapy wing is in a state of disrepair, much like the rest of the city. Many of the rooms are either sealed shut or blocked by debris. In one corner is a Little Sister Vent decorated as a shrine to the Rapture Family. When Delta enters the wing, one of the charges set up around the place detonates.

Recreational TherapyEdit

The room where people spent their time doing recreational activities, such as art, music, and reading. It has bookshelves lined with varying books, musical instruments (including a piano in disrepair), and easels with canvases to paint portraits. By the time Delta arrives, there is a Houdini Splicer painting a portrait based on a dead body lounging on the sofa. The room also contains a lock, but the keycode must be figured out by listening to a recording found on the body. Inside the locked room is a bookshelf stocked with useful ammunition, and a hackable safe with Heat-Seeking Rockets.

Intensive TherapyEdit

This room seems to be a shock therapy room lined with operation chairs. There isn't much to offer in this room, but a Splicer is controlling a Security Bot inside the room. The way out has a Security Camera above it. An inmate stands in a room with an electrified floor.

Pediatric WardEdit

This room houses Little Sisters that can help to escape Persephone.

New DiscoveriesEdit

Audio DiariesEdit

  1. Harold Darby - Legs, Mouths, Arms, and Eyes - Search the corpse in the Recreational Therapy in the Therapy Wing.
  2. Edward Grimes - A Simple Question - By the operation chair in Intensive Therapy in the Therapy Wing.
  3. Eleanor Lamb - Destructive Learning - In a room to the right of the signs that point to Pediatric Care and Administration Offices.
  4. Augustus Sinclair - Sacrifices - Enter the Administration Offices, it's the first room on your right.
  5. Andrew Ryan - A Stratagem for Sinclair - In the basement of the Administration Area, under the PNEUMO plaque.

Locked RoomEdit

There is a locked room in the Therapy section of Persephone. The door code is not found numerically anywhere in the game. Instead, the player must solve a puzzle in a nearby audio diary to figure out the code.

The clues are: Brown legs, Red mouths, Blue arms, Green eyes. The clues refer to the paintings on the wall in front of the victim near the locked door: four brown legs (of a dead deer), one red mouth (of a screaming man), four blue arms (of two drowned victims), and six green eyes (of a group of three doctors). The answer is 4-1-4-6.


Behind the ScenesEdit

  • The Deco Devolution Artbook mentions that in early concepts for the Inner Persephone level, the Therapy Rooms that housed the Little Sisters would also have housed Little Brothers. They would have been failed experiments, mainly due to their aggression. Although the Little Brothers were never made, the condition of the main ward does appear as fitting to the concept, as one side of the room appears nearly destroyed, with beds tossed around, and a gaping small hole made above the ceiling of its unreachable central walkway.