C. M. Porter raw picture Title The Wager
Speaker Charles Milton Porter
Level Minerva's Den
The Wager
AD gNr141-lNr12 Charles Milton Porter - The Wager f0297
Transcript: Dear Doctor Lamb, I received the invitation to your little social club today. In return, I'd like to make you a wager: I wager you need Rapture Central Computing just a little bit more than I need your half-baked metaphysical mumbo-jumbo. I deal in science, not... whatever it is you're up to! You keep out of Minerva's Den and I'll keep this city's automation from grinding to a complete and sudden halt. Sound fair?

Location: Air-Tite Archives - Inside hallway leading to the Archives. Can be found on the seat.

AD gNr141-lNr12 Charles Milton Porter - The Wager f0298

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