Sofia Lamb Title The Voice of the Self
Speaker Sofia Lamb
Level Dionysus Park
The Voice of the Self
AD gNr082-lNr07 Sofia Lamb - The Voice of the Self f0171
Transcript: Awareness of self is no miracle, Eleanor... it is a trick of the gene, an endless inner refrain, asking: "What's in it for me?" To serve the world, we must grow deaf to the self. Are you ready? Now, stop listening to my voice. Stop listening. Stop. Difficult, isn't it? Human verbal cues are defensive coloration -- camouflage. Play this recording until you no longer hear the words. Then you may observe the people for who they are.

Location: In the Piano Bar, on top of the piano.

AD gNr082-lNr07 Sofia Lamb - The Voice of the Self f0172

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