C. M. Porter raw picture Title The Turing Test
Speaker Charles Milton Porter
Level Minerva's Den
The Turing Test
AD gNr139-lNr10 Charles Milton Porter - The Turing Test f0293
Transcript: Pearl's death opened up a kind of hole in my mind. But eventually I got around to reflecting on Alan, and his intelligence test for machines. I remember grinning about the idea that I could beat it -- design a machine capable of replicating Turing himself, and wouldn't that show the old man. But then suddenly I realized I wasn't really thinking of replicating Alan at all. I was thinking about Pearl.

Location: On a control table next to the crane's control box upstairs in the Workshop of McClendon Robotics.

AD gNr139-lNr10 Charles Milton Porter - The Turing Test f0294

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