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Sofia Lamb Title The Requirements of Utopia
Speaker Sofia Lamb
Level Siren Alley
The Requirements of Utopia
AD gNr068-lNr13 Sofia Lamb - The Requirements of Utopia f0141
Transcript: Rapture... the keenest minds in the world, united under the ocean... yet somehow expected to subscribe to the same model of self-interest? Ryan could be staggeringly naive. As individuals, no matter how brilliant -- each was a prisoner to his or her own ego; a sea of dreams in constant flux. But in ADAM, their genes remain, ready to be tested against a moral vessel. Utopia cannot precede the Utopian. It will exist the moment we are fit to occupy it.

Location: On a cinder block under the stairwell in the southwestern corner of Plaza Hedone.

AD gNr068-lNr13 Sofia Lamb - The Requirements of Utopia f0142

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