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Diary 19 Title The Prophet is Dying
Speaker Rosalind Lutece
Level Hand of the Prophet
Date December the 4th, 1907
The Prophet is Dying
Rosalind Lutece - The Prophet is Dying
Transcript: The Prophet is dying. The metastasis has aged him so quickly. Why does this Comstock decay, while a Comstock in another world remains fit? If genetics are destiny, what accounts for the difference? Perhaps exposure to the contraption? Hm. It merits further study.

Location: On the bed in the bedroom, located on the middle level of the catwalk.

VP gNr080-lNr03 Rosalind Lutece - The Prophet is Dying f0665 VP gNr080-lNr03 Rosalind Lutece - The Prophet is Dying f0666

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