Carlson Fiddle Title The Old Sheepdog
Speaker Carlson Fiddle
Level Ryan Amusements
The Old Sheepdog
AD gNr017-lNr02 Carlson Fiddle - The Old Sheepdog f0037
Transcript: I was hired to engineer a park the likes of which no man has seen, and now all I do is watch over it like a grizzled sheepdog. My first line of mechanical puppets made the children here coo with wonder. But Ryan thought my vision was immature... "antiquated," he said. This place could have been something magical, but instead he turned it into a school... no, a cathedral. Dedicated to himself.

Location: On a desk in the Manager's Office.

AD gNr017-lNr02 Carlson Fiddle - The Old Sheepdog f0038

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