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Get out of here, snipe. You wanna know what we do to pretty little stowaways? Or maybe you don't.
― Ship Captain

The OPS Zeal is the first arena level for the downloadable content of BioShock Infinite, Clash in the Clouds. Like all maps, it contains 15 Blue Ribbon Challenges and 15 waves of enemies, including Firemen, and Zealots, Handymen.

The map centers around the upper bridge of the OPS Zeal, a massive airship fitted with cannons at drydock in FinktonFreight hooks and Sky-Lines abound amidst cargo barges around the battleship. Office doors can be used for special respawn tactics.

The OPS Zeal, being the first map, is available upon starting Clash in the Clouds.

Clearing all 15 waves yields the "Friendly Skies" Achievement/Trophy.


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