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The March Hare is an experimental art film that was produced by Sander Cohen. This film can be viewed in a Need to Know Theater in Fontaine's Department Store's bathysphere station in Burial at Sea - Episode 1.

Deco Kinetoscope The March Hare DIFF

"The March Hare"
Level: Fontaine's Department Store


The film appears to be themed after the March Hare from Lewis Carroll's Wonderland stories. It shows a woman wearing a mask fashioned after a rabbit standing in a checkered room. One instance shows a dagger on the floor and others show blood splattering all over the place. The film ends with the mask concealing a rose and a rabbit's shadow cast upon the floor.

Location: In Fontaine's Department Store's bathysphere station. Take the steps and leave the area on the left side.

KIN gNr033-lNr02 The March Hare f0776


Sander Cohen's The March Hare01:16

Sander Cohen's The March Hare

Behind the ScenesEdit


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