Andrew Ryan BioShock 2 Title The Man and the Machine
Speaker Andrew Ryan
Level Operations
The Man and the Machine
AD gNr151-lNr02 Andrew Ryan - The Man And the Machine f0317
Transcript: I must keep an eye on Porter and his... thinking machine. There's more than one way to muscle out a rival, and I suspect that Fontaine is vying for market dominance in... computing now as well. Each hour that contraption spends crunching genetic code for Fontaine brings my city one step closer to dissolution... And if Porter should begin dancing to that hoodlum's tune... Well... the machine is a marvel. Invaluable. The man... may prove obsolete.

Location: Hooked on the wall above an upgraded shotgun right when you enter the airlock section.

AD gNr151-lNr02 Andrew Ryan - The Man And the Machine f0318

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