Diary 3 Title The Lie of the Emancipator
Speaker Zachary Hale Comstock
Level Comstock Center Rooftops
Date April the 14th, 1905
The Lie of the Emancipator
Zachary Hale Comstock - The Lie of the Emancipator
Transcript: What exactly was the “Great Emancipator” emancipating the Negro from? From his daily bread. From the nobility of honest work. From wealthy patrons who sponsored them from cradle to grave. From clothing and shelter. And what have they done with their freedom? Why, go to Finkton, and you shall find out. No animal is born free, except the white man. And it is our burden to care for the rest of creation.

Location: On a pew in the main chapel of the Fraternal Order of the Raven.

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