Andrew Ryan BioShock 2 Title The Great Chain Rattles
Speaker Andrew Ryan
Level Atlantic Express
The Great Chain Rattles
AD gNr008-lNr01 Andrew Ryan - The Great Chain Rattles f0017
Transcript: I am told that the people grow tense and isolated in the absence of the sun. Now... they clamor for a psychiatrist. Do they miss the state censor, I wonder? Wartime seizure of private assets? Or the Cheka police, vanishing them in the night? Regardless, this Lamb woman is said to be the foremost practitioner in her "field." Fine. If she can quiet the rattling of the great chain's weakest links... I will leave her to it.

Location: On a desk in the office room of Workshop 6A.

AD gNr008-lNr01 Andrew Ryan - The Great Chain Rattles f0018

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