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The Golden Rule sign
Th Golden rule Ex

The store's marquee shines like a brilliant diamond.

You've an eye, haven't you, miss?
― The Golden Rule's shopkeeper

The Golden Rule is a retail jewelry store that operates out of High Street in Rapture. Booker DeWitt and Elizabeth pass through the shop in the BioShock Infinite downloadable content Burial at Sea - Episode 1.

Burial at Sea - Episode 1Edit


The store's interior.

Main article: Burial at Sea - Episode 1

The Golden Rule is one of many high end shops operating out of High Street. The store has a large selection of rings and necklaces for sale. In addition to selling jewelry, the store also appears to clean and appraise items, as indicated by the equipment in the back room.

BaS1 GoldenRule8

Where the fakes are separated from the real deal.

The store is one of the sponsors for Cohen's "The Business of Rapture is Business," and therefore the owner, named Julian in the ingame files, is provided with a unique Invitation Mask as identification to enter the club. Booker DeWitt and Elizabeth head to the shop to look for the mask. Elizabeth poses as a perspective customer to distract the shopkeeper while Booker searches the backroom. The safe containing the mask box also contains a ring, some money, and a small gold bar. To keep the man's attention, Elizabeth accuses him of stealing a ring on display from a recently dead relative in the Twilight Fields Funeral Homes. While the mask may or may not be present, Elizabeth always kicks the man in the groin.


BaS1 GoldenRule1

The shopkeeper appraises a ring.


  • "Good day to you, ma'am."
  • "Good day to you, sir."
  • "Welcome!"
BaS1 GoldenRule6

The sapphire and diamond ring from Paris.

BaS1 Lizzy Nutcracker

Elizabeth knows how to defend herself in this city.


  • Elizabeth: "I'm interested in this piece."
  • Shopkeeper: "Ah, excellent! You've an eye, haven't you, miss?"
  • Shopkeeper: "It's a natural sapphire and diamond, 18-karat gold ring. Fully hallmarked for Paris, 1887."
  • Elizabeth: "Really…"
  • Shopkeeper: "The center cabochon—Excuse me… Sir?"
  • Elizabeth: "That's a lot of fine talk about a stolen ring!"
  • Shopkeeper: "I beg your pardon?"
  • Elizabeth: "Right out of her coffin in Twilight Fields. Did you think we wouldn't notice?"
  • Shopkeeper: "I can assure you that—"
  • Elizabeth: "The assurances of a grave robber are of no interest to me. If you hand the ring back, the matter will remain between you and me."
  • Shopkeeper: "You come into my shop and talk this trash. I don't think so. Hit the brick, you tramp, or I'll see that they hit you."
  • Elizabeth: "Get your hands off me!"
  • Shopkeeper: "You little—"
  • Elizabeth: "Might be best if we were gone when he wakes up."



In-Game ImagesEdit

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