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BaSE1-AudioDiaryIcon5 Title The Goddamn People
Speaker Roscoe Mullins
Level High Street
Date June 4th, 1956
The Goddamn People
The Goddamn People
Transcript: I had all of these visions, before coming down here, of utopia. Every man with his hand on the Great Chain, the wheel of progress turning -- every cliché you can imagine. And what is the first thing that happens when I open up shop? Petty thievery. Now I have to lock all my valuables in the closet. (Remember: 2-0-7-6.) It's the problem with coming to utopia... is that it still has the people.

Location: In the kitchen at The Watched Clock.

VP gNr084-lNr02 Roscoe Mullins - The Goddamn People f0673

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