Prentice Mill Title The End of the Line
Speaker Prentice Mill
Level Pauper's Drop
The End of the Line
AD gNr037-lNr03 Prentice Mill - The End of the Line f0078
Transcript: This is it. It's over. I built this railroad from nothing... played by Mr. Ryan's rules. But then he asks me to sink my own cash reserves into the banks to give Rapture some breathing room, and now... now Austen God damned Bathysphere wants to buy me out. Decommission the entire rail! I have no family... and no time for friends. I am the Atlantic Express... and this... this is the end of the line...

Location: On the shrine to Prentice Mill in the Town Square.

AD gNr037-lNr03 Prentice Mill - The End of the Line f0079

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