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The Death of Our Lady

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Kinetoscope Blank

"The Death of Our Lady."
Level: BioShock Infinite Removed Content

[view of people mourning at Lady Comstock's grave in Memorial Gardens]
All of Columbia mourns the loss of Lady Comstock
[Father Comstock addresses the gathered crowd amidst darkening skies]
The Great Prophet promises her killer, Daisy Fitzroy will be caught!
[uniformed members of Columbia's Finest stand at attention]
Join the Flying Squad and avene[sic] our Mistress of Forgiveness!

Location: Removed from the game


BioShock Infinite The death of our Lady00:32

BioShock Infinite The death of our Lady.

Behind the ScenesEdit

  • This film can be found in the game files as Comstock_Revenge.bik
  • The film has several typos including a period in the title and the misspelling of "avenge."

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