GideonWyborn Title The Butterfly
Speaker Gideon Wyborn
Level Pauper's Drop
The Butterfly
AD gNr051-lNr17 Gideon Wyborn - The Butterfly f0106
Transcript: The blue morpho bounces off the glass as I watch. I fold these paper effigies as secret badges, for the faithful. The morpho caterpillar doesn't spin a cocoon... it just grows armor on the inside... before the change. It is us. To wear a butterfly is to support Doctor Lamb and the Family. Before long, Rapture will split wide... and take wing. Imago is coming.

Location: In Room 212 of The Sinclair Deluxe, in the area with many butterflies.

AD gNr051-lNr17 Gideon Wyborn - The Butterfly f0107

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