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AudioLog CarolLynn Title The Blue Dress
Speaker Carol Lynn
Level Housewares
Date October the 8th, 1958
The Blue Dress
The Blue Dress
Transcript: *Sigh* How many times have I asked Antonio for lockers with actual locks on 'em? I come back from lunch, and the ensemble I just bought is gone. Stolen! But here's what takes the cake, the thief left an outfit in exchange. At first, I was going to toss that thing, but then, I kinda fell in love with it. It's an old timey number with a corset, no less. It ain't exactly today's fashion, but I'm a girl who can tell good craftsmanship when she sees it.

Location: On the table behind Elizabeth's blue dress in the dressing room.

VP gNr099-lNr01 Antonio Rodriguez - Laissez-Faire f0700 VP gNr100-lNr02 Carol Lynn - The Blue Dress f0702

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