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Diary 18 Title That Goddamn Key
Speaker Wilbur Sykes
Level Shantytown
Date July the 5th, 1912
That Goddamn Key
Wilbur Sykes - That Goddamn Key
Transcript: There's the job, and there's life. They pay me to hate the goddamn Vox, and I take their money, but ... what's the harm of having a drink with Fitzroy's people? Face to face at the Graveyard Shift, why, they're ... they're just folk. Hell, I guess I fell into the goddamn bottle, because I stumbled back without the evidence locker key. If Schmidt finds out ... well, there'll be hell to pay.

Location: On the second floor of the Bull House Impound, on top of a desk sitting next to a locked Chest.

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