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Diary 5 Title Terminated
Speaker Daisy Fitzroy
Level Shantytown
Date February the 12th, 1912
Daisy Fitzroy - Terminated
Transcript: They argued somethin’ fierce at night -- Lady Comstock and the Prophet. Could never make out what it was about from my bunk, though. After the worst, I seen she ain’t left for morning prayer ... so I crept upstairs to check in on her. And like a fool ... I lingered. “Scullery maid” was what they called me when I walked into Comstock House. “Murderer” was what they shouted when I ran out.

Location: On the first floor of the Impound, in a room opposite the interrogation room.

VP gNr047-lNr03 Daisy Fitzroy - Terminated f0611 VP gNr047-lNr03 Daisy Fitzroy - Terminated f0612

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