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Team Atlas is one of two teams in team-based game modes, such as Civil War, Capture the Sister and Team ADAM Grab in the BioShock 2 Multiplayer, representing Atlas in the Rapture Civil War. It opposes Team Ryan.

Quotes Edit

Enemy Team Edit

Captures the Little Sister
  • "We've lost her."
Drops the Little Sister
  • "The Fascists have dropped the girl!"
Gains Point Lead
  • "Fight! They got the leg up on us!"
Picks up the Little Sister
  • "We've lost the girl!"

Player's Team Edit

Captures the Little Sister
  • "We did it! The Sister is ours, now!"
Defends the Little Sister
  • "We've found another Sister!"
Drops the Little Sister
  • "We've dropped the Sister!"
Picks up the Little Sister
  • "The girl is ours."
Little Sister returned
  • "Little Girl's gone back home."
Gains Point Lead
  • "We got their backs against the wall, now."

New Little Sister Spawned Edit

  • "Another Little Sister has turned up!"

Match Start Edit

Lobby Countdown
  • "Atlas welcomes you to the fight! Down with Andrew Ryan!"
Civil War
  • "Fight or fall, we can't stop it now!"
Capture the Little Sister or Team ADAM Grab (Attacking Team); or ADAM Grab
  • "Get out there and find that Little Sister!"
Capture the Little Sister (Defending Team)
  • "Here come the fascists! Don't let them near the Little Sister!"

Match End Edit

Enemy Team Winning 30 Seconds to Game End
  • "We must push harder."
Enemy Team Wins
  • "They've out done us."
Player's Team Winning 30 Seconds to Game End
  • "We've nearly got 'em."
Player's Team Wins
  • "Victory!"
Tie game on Capture the Little Sister
  • "We're even with them! We got as many Sisters as they do!"
30 Seconds to Game End
  • "The battle's nearly over."

Territories Edit

Captured a Territory
  • "The territory is ours!"
Match Started
  • "Claim the territories! Defend them from Ryan's tyranny!"
Player's Territory Neutralized
  • "We've lost control of a territory!"
Enemy's Team Captured a Territory
  • "Ryan's Army has claimed a territory!"
Enemy's Team is Capturing a Territory
  • "Ryan's Army is taking one of our territories!"

Prompts Edit

  • "Stand with me and free yourselves from Ryan's tyranny!"
  • "There can not be peace under tyranny! Oppose Andrew Ryan!"
  • "Ryan thinks he owns us all. I'm looking to teach him otherwise!"
  • "The enemy fights for Ryan Industries! We fight for Rapture!"
  • "We make and Ryan takes! And we're meant to be the Parasites?!"


Bioshock 2 Multiplayer Ryan & Atlas Team Radio Announcement03:49

Bioshock 2 Multiplayer Ryan & Atlas Team Radio Announcement

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