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Andrew RyanHQ
"There is something more powerful than each of us, a combination of our efforts, a Great Chain of industry that unites us. But it is only when we struggle in our own interest that the chain pulls society in the right direction..."Andrew Ryan

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Tea Garden Logo
"What a night I got lined up. Everything's ready. Flowers, bottle of wine, even two tickets to the Tea Garden. Nothing gets the betties in the mood like nighttime in Arcadia."
―Dieter Sonnekalb[src]

The Tea Garden was once one of the most romantic places in Rapture, and it was a main paying attraction of Arcadia. The flowering trees and gentle streams of the Tea Garden were designed to be soothing for many citizens who missed the calm parklands of the surface.


Andrew RyanHQ
"There is something more powerful than each of us, a combination
of our efforts, a Great Chain of industry that unites us."
Andrew Ryan

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Tea Garden

Many ferns and shrubs can be found by the stream.

The Tea Garden is the first place Jack sees in Arcadia after coming through the concealed tunnel from the Smuggler's Hideout. Though the area is largely uninhabited, an occasional Splicer can be seen scavenging for anything to help it survive. The Tea Garden consists of three areas, the main garden, a memorial garden, and a large storage room for employees.

The Main GardenEdit

The main garden resembles a small park. It contains a waterfall, a small stream with a quaint wooden bridge, and park benches to simulate life above the surface. The ceiling and pipes are painted to look like the sky. Large ventilation grates can be seen on the walls. A corpse, some broken chairs, and a table can be found in the stream. The corpse is possibly that of Angelina, evidence of a bad date with Dieter Sonnekalb.

Memorial GardenEdit

Tea Garden Graveyard

After preparation at Twilight Fields Funeral Homes, bodies are sent to their final resting place.

Just off the cobblestone path, lies the memorial garden. In the center rests a small mausoleum, which now lies in ruin. Headstones can be found littering the area. Towards the west wall is the tunnel to the Smuggler's Hideout. On the east wall is a locked tomb which Jack can unlock by lighting torches with Incinerate!. Crates of smuggled goods and invention components can be found in the tomb.

Storage RoomEdit

The final area in the Tea Garden is the employee storage room. This is most notably the place where Jack is introduced to the Houdini Splicer. There are many closets and crawl spaces filled with gardening supplies. In the east side, on the second floor, there is a table with beakers and an audio diary. This is most likely one of Professor Langford's research stations. Next to the table is a Gene Bank. On the west side, Jack can find a Circus of Values and a number of malfunctioning sprinklers. A single Turret protects a crawl space to a balcony inhabited by a Dr. Grossman Splicer. Posters of Atlas and gardening supplies can be found hanging from the walls.

New DiscoveriesEdit

New EnemiesEdit

Audio DiariesEdit

  1. Bill McDonagh - Seeing Ghosts
  2. Dieter Sonnekalb - Big Night Out
  3. Brigid Tenenbaum - Mass Producing ADAM
  4. Julie Langford - Arcadia Closed

BioShock 2 MultiplayerEdit

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Arcadia multiplayer

The re-designed Tea Garden in the multiplayer.

In the multiplayer version of Arcadia, the Tea Garden is located directly north of the closed entrance to the Farmer's Market. This version of the garden features a small dilapidated cafe with balconies overlooking a waterfall into a peaceful stream. Birdsong and buzzing insects can be heard among the flowering trees in this scenic area.

The Tea Garden is connected to Arcadia Glens by a pathway and a stream to the west, as well as by a hallway with telephone booths that exits onto a balcony above an RPG Turret in the northwest corner. A door in the cafe connects to the Storage area. Rolling Hills can be accessed by taking the pathway in the northeast corner.

A hypo to refill the player's EVE can be found on a balcony in this area. A broken wall in the southeast corner gives access to a short maintenance tunnel with another EVE hypo and an ammunition pack. The player can pass through the vent at the end of this tunnel to exit by a Circus of Values machine at the entrance to the Farmer's Market. A Big Daddy suit can spawn on a balcony in the Tea Garden or on the path by the stream to the west. The Tea Garden is also the location of a control point in Turf War mode.


Behind the ScenesEdit

  • The name "John Maynard Keynes" can be found on the tombstones in the Tea Garden in BioShock. The real Keynes was a British economist who believed in using government funds to help relieve the problems of private businesses during economic recessions, ironically the exact opposite of Andrew Ryan's philosophy, making it exceedingly unlikely that Ryan would have invited the real Keynes into Rapture. The date of death on the tombstone is listed as May 28, 1948, but according to Wikipedia, the real Keynes died on April 21, 1946. The tombstone also says that BioShock's Keynes died at the age of 36, while the real Keynes died at 62. His parents are listed as Adam and Ada Smith, but the real economist's parents were John and Florence Keynes. Curiously, his mother's middle name is Ada.[1] His fathers name may be referring to Adam Smith, the Father of Modern Economics.[2]
  • Through the left "Employees Only" entryway by the Arcadia Glens entrance, is a storage area and within a small glass roof. Looking out through the window, one can see a misplaced broken railing model in the ocean, not connected to anything.


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