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Tate Merlot Icon (Bio 2)
Tate Merlot bottle
You want the best? You drink Tate. Could it be any simpler?
― Dan Tate, proprietor; Tate Wineries[src]

Tate Merlot is one of several brands of consumable alcohol in Rapture, but appears only in BioShock 2. Tate Wineries may be a rival of Worley Winery, the producers of Arcadia Merlot which appeared in BioShock. Consuming several bottles of this beverage will result in a brief period of blurry double-vision, as Delta's body recovers from intoxication.


  • Consuming Tate Merlot will result in a small increase in Health, but a small decrease in EVE.
  • Equipping the Booze Hound Gene Tonic will instead result in gaining EVE when drinking Tate Merlot.
  • Like other alcoholic beverages, Tate Merlot can be ignited using Incinerate! to create a Molotov Cocktail, thrown with Telekinesis.

Help CaptionEdit

A bottle of Merlot will restore a small amount of Health, but drain a small amount of EVE. Like all food and drink, it is consumed immediately when picked up.

Behind the ScenesEdit

  • Tate Merlot and its proprietor Dan Tate are references to the BioShock and BioShock 2 level designer Dean Tate.[1]


  1. Idle Thumbs plays BioShock 2: Minerva's Den DLC with writer/designer Steve Gaynor [Part 1] on YouTube

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