Diary 9 Title Take Her Alive
Speaker Esther Mailer
Level Battleship Bay
Date July the 6th, 1912
Take Her Alive
Esther Mailer - Take Her Alive
Transcript: This is the moment we trained for. The False Shepherd is here. The day was not exact, but… the Prophet's sight proves out again. The specimen must be taken alive. If she dies, I suspect they will give us to the bird. And whatever pieces it leaves behind will bear no names… *Shudders* That was cigarette number six. This waiting is insufferable.

Location: In the office outside of the ticket station.

VP gNr020-lNr04 Esther Mailer - Take Her Alive f0558 VP gNr020-lNr04 Esther Mailer - Take Her Alive f0559

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