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A Handyman nearly finished.

If Fink was going to hire a bunch of goons to keep an eye on the Handymen, he should have found some with less yellow in the belly. Now they're hiding away from tin man invalids in their precious, little guardroom.
― Edmund Munford[src]

The Surgical Suite, also known as the Handyman Operating Suite, was part of the Fink MFG Research Laboratories, located inside the Factory of Finkton. Elizabeth can visit the area while looking for the hair sample requested by Dr. Yi Suchong.


The Surgical Suite was the operating facility of Fink Manufacturing, where more-or-less physically suffering men were turned into Handymen. Like the rest of the research laboratories, the place was overrun by the Vox Populi during the Finkton Insurrection. Scientists and guards occupying the suite were killed during the assault.

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Burial at Sea - Episode 2Edit

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Elizabeth can enter the Surgical Suite while looking for the hair sample, demanded by Dr. Suchong in exchange for her return to Rapture. Its entrance is on the second floor of the research laboratories' hub. Several Vox fighters are already scrounging around before her arrival. There are crawl passages under the floor and above in the ceiling connected to all three areas of the suite.

Operating TheaterEdit

The central room of the Surgical Suite, the Operating Theater was where patients were operated upon, removing most their limbs, and fitted inside Autobodies. An incomplete Handyman is restrained on the operating table, his enhanced heart mounted on another machine. A few offices can be found upstairs, and a locked security booth next to the entrance of the suite, where a scientist took refuge.

Parts InventoryEdit


Body parts hung above the inventory.

On the right and behind the Operating Theater is the Parts Inventory, where body parts of Handyman, such as mechanical limbs, were stored. There is a locker room for scientists in the back. The parts were shipped into the Surgical Suite by crates found on the balcony to the right, with a Boy of Silence helmet lying among them, testimony of yet another surgical horror produced by Fink Manufacturing.

Heart InventoryEdit


The hearts for the Handymen.

The Heart Inventory is a small storage area for the Handymen's artificial hearts. Any adjustments needed to the organs were done here. The Inventory holds several refrigerators for the hearts and a workbench. All three entrances were secured via bulkhead doors, to prevent any unauthorized tempering with the valued viscus. When Elizabeth arrives, two of the doors are open, while the third is missing. Opening one of the refrigerators reveals the corpse of a scientist, murdered and placed there by a Vox member.

Patient WardEdit

BaSE2 Factory Surgical Suite Patient Ward

The ward.

The Patient Ward resembles a small hospital, with several beds and boards indicating the patients' status. Most of them were not nearly ill enough to be transformed into Handyman, others were just left to die for scientific observations. A vent in the back room leads down to the access corridor of the Imprinting Studies, where the hair sample is located.

New DiscoveriesEdit

Vigor UpgradeEdit

Coded LockEdit

  • The Guardroom - 2847


  1. Edmund Munford - Childish Fears - On as desk in the Parts Inventory.


Behind the ScenesEdit

  • In the Patient Ward, there is a small glass and medical tonic on a side table next to patient #1213's bed. If one would look beneath the table, you will see that the small glass continues, reviling the stem and foot of a Rapture cocktail glass.