Goon portrait Title Subversives in the Archives
Speaker Nicholas Ingraham
Level Minerva's Den
Subversives in the Archives
AD gNr146-lNr17 Nicholas Ingraham - Subversives In the Archives f0307
Transcript: Hey, I'm just doing my job, and these pencil-necks ain't conductin' themselves in a way that'll make it go easy for 'em. Mr. Ryan needs to keep an eye on what certain subversives got circulatin' in the Archives, that's just the way it is. These Pinkos think the bandits are just gonna play nice, send their plans to the Central Council with a bow on top? When it comes to Mr. Ryan, you're either with 'im or you ain't. Get used to it.

Location: Next to a monitor on the upper floor in the warehouse of the Air-Tite Archives.

AD gNr146-lNr17 Nicholas Ingraham - Subversives In the Archives f0308

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