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Diane McClintock Title Stood Up Again
Speaker Diane McClintock
Level Fort Frolic
Stood Up Again
Diane McClintock - Stood Up Again
Transcript: Stood up! Again… Second time this week. Ever since my face was… Steinman worked on me, but it was never the same since the blast… Being alone so much gives a girl time to think. Who could hate me so much they'd ruin me like this? What did I do to them? I keep thinking of all them bandits and terrorists Ryan's got locked up in Apollo Square and I get so mad… sometimes I can hardly breathe… if I could only confront them, tell them what they did to me, how they're ruining everything for me, for Rapture… maybe I'd… well, maybe I'd feel better.

Location: Upper Atrium, in the dirt near a trashcan in front of the Fleet Hall entrance.

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