For the character in BioShock 2, see Stanley Poole.

Vendor Stanley is one of the many vendors working on the Main Street section of Soldier's Field in Columbia.

BioShock InfiniteEdit

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In the gloaming hours of July 6, 1912, Booker DeWitt and Elizabeth arrive at Soldier's Field. Most of the residents are either ignorant of the shocking events that occurred earlier that day at Raffle Square and Monument Tower, putting on a brave face for the unaware children, or trying to distract themselves with a diversion. Upon their first visit, the duo encounter Stanley entertaining a pair of kids with the Songbird doll. When they return later, he and all the others have left.

If the player so chooses, Booker may kill Stanley, although he is no threat.


Showing Off the Plush DollEdit

  • "Zhoo!"
  • "RAWK!! RAWK!!"
  • "Wooosh!"