C. M. Porter raw picture Title Somebody Else's War
Speaker Charles Milton Porter
Level Minerva's Den
Somebody Else's War
AD gNr137-lNr08 Charles Milton Porter - Somebody Else's War f0289
Transcript: Thing like that, losing the only person you care about for somebody else's war... it makes you take stock. I started seeing eye-to-eye with Mr. Ryan around that time... and so, I brought my know-how down to Rapture. I built The Thinker for him... and now it's all I've got, I wonder sometimes... what if I'd come around to Ryan's way of thinking... just a little sooner?

Location: On a cabinet in the room with the many blueprints in the system design section in McClendon Robotics.

AD gNr137-lNr08 Charles Milton Porter - Somebody Else's War f0290

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