BI Silver Bar

A Silver Bar is a bar made of silver that is worth 100 Silver Eagles. They are rare to find. Usually, they are found in optional mission areas and around open safes.


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  1. Comstock Center Rooftops, Lansdowne Residence - Bottom Floor, on the large table.
  2. Finkton Docks, Beggar's Wharf - In the safe of one of the Fink Manufacturing Delivery Center's receiving offices, located near the wharf's exit
  3. Finkton Docks, Worker Induction Center exterior - Inside a locked gondola docked at the pier (five Lockpicks required).
  4. Factory, Office of Jeremiah Fink - Two silver bars: On a table and on the floor by Jeremiah Fink's desk.
  5. Emporia, Grand Central Depot, The Salty Oyster - In the women's bathroom.
  6. Downtown Emporia, Bank of the Prophet - Lying next to an open safe in a bank vault, which can be accessed by use of the Vox Cipher.
  7. Downtown Emporia, Market District, Wilson Bros. & Company Bottling Works - On a pallet with crates, behind the desk.

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