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Augustus Sinclair Title Selling Ryan Short
Speaker Augustus Sinclair
Level Outer Persephone
Selling Ryan Short
AD gNr108-lNr01 Augustus Sinclair - Selling Ryan Short f0228
Transcript: Persephone... secret home o' Sinclair Solutions. I bet against Andy Ryan's vision o' harmony in Rapture -- offered him a quiet place to send anybody who wasn't workin' out. And now I'm sittin' on my own private think tank. Technically, Utopia shouldn't have much use for a detention facility... but if you do business as long as I have... well, you learn to pick a brand name from the writin' on the wall.

Location: Next to a Little Sister Vent in the Examination Rooms.

AD gNr108-lNr01 Augustus Sinclair - Selling Ryan Short f0229

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