Diary 23 Title Seed of a Lie
Speaker Cornelius Slate
Level Finkton Docks
Date July the 6th, 1912
Seed of a Lie
Cornelius Slate - Seed of a Lie
Transcript: I hold in my hand the private journal of Comstock’s wife. It puts the lie to this “Miracle Child” nonsense. She loved the child not. It seems the sainted lady would have preferred to let the “Seed of the Prophet” just… dry out on the bedsheets…

Location: Inside the Worker Induction Center, inside Slate's open locker close to the elevator.

VP gNr038-lNr04 Cornelius Slate - Seed of a Lie f0594 VP gNr038-lNr04 Cornelius Slate - Seed of a Lie f0595

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