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For the Scripted Events of BioShock Infinite and its DLCs, see Scripted Events (BioShock Infinite).

Scripted Events are deliberate situations created by the game designers that occur throughout Rapture, and serve to advance the narrative. During these events, the characters may perform unique actions or say original dialogue separate from the normal character models. This article is meant to chronicle the conversation and animation of individuals who are too minor to have/deserve their own page.



Welcome to RaptureEdit

Baby Carriage SplicerEdit

Baby Carriage Splicer

Premise: A deeply disturbed Splicer sings a lullaby to an empty baby carriage.

Location: Outside the Kashmir Restaurant

Character: Lady Smith model, Thuggish Splicer

Voice: Original

Leaning over Baby Carriage
  • "(Singing) When your daddy’s in the ground, mommy’s gonna sell you by the pound. When your mommy’s up and gone, you’re gonna be the lonely one. When you are the lonely one, no one will be there to sing this song..."
  • "Hush now…Mommy’s gone…and daddy too. Wait…this is happening before and not…why aren’t you here? W-Why is it today and not then when you were warm and sweet? Why can’t mommy hold you to her breasts and feel your teeth? Oh no, no no no no…"
Upon Seeing the Player
  • "Baby and me! Baby and me!"
Attacking the Player
  • "Baby and me! Baby and me!"
  • "Why did you take her!?"
  • "She’s gone! She’s gone!"
  • "Her little fingers!"
Chasing the Player
  • "Come back this instant."
  • "What are you doing?"
  • "Don’t make it harder!"
  • "Mommy can’t reach you!"
  • "Why!? Why!? Why!?"
  • "You’re makin’ mommy cross now."
Upon Killing the Player
  • "Bad boy! Bad, bad boy!"
  • "(Sings) When you are the lonely one, no one will be there to sing this song…"
  • "Hush now…Mommy’s gone…and daddy too."


Deceptive Houdini SplicerEdit

Arcadia Houdini-Splicer

Premise: A Splicer poses as an unspliced citizen in danger and lures well-meaning individuals to their doom.

Location: Near Tea Garden

Character: Breadwinner model, Houdini Splicer

Voice: Pigskin model

Luring the Player
  • "Christ, is somebody there?"
  • "Hey, can you help me, man? Can you help me out!?"
  • "Jesus, God, somebody help!"
Upon Seeing the Player
  • "They’re everywhere!"
  • "Hey over here."
  • "Hello Beautiful!"
Attacking the Player
  • "Surprise chump!"
  • "Boo!"
  • "This is gonna hurt."
  • "Look! Behind you!"
  • "Burn! All of you burn!"
  • "What did you say to me!?"
Chasing the Player
  • "Behind you!"
  • "It doesn’t matter which way you go!"
  • "Where do you think you’re going!?"
  • "Wait, wait! Come back! Save me!"
  • "You haven’t got the balls to fight me!"
  • "Running away? Aw, you are a sharp one!"
  • "That’s all you got?"
Upon Killing the Player
  • "Ha ha, that trap works every time."
  • "(Mocking) Ooh-hoo, the Splicers, the Splicers! They’re everywhere."
  • "You see that, chump? That’s skill."
If the Player Ignores Him and Heads Upstairs
  • "Wait, this way."

Attack of the SaturnineEdit


Premise: A Splicer trys to escape, but is taken down by a Saturnine member.

Location: Arcadia Glens

Character: Lady Smith model and Dr. Grossman Model, Leadhead Splicer and Houdini Splicer.

Voice: Normal

  • Lady Smith: "Saturnine! Run, run!"
  • Lady Smith: "They're coming!"
  • Dr. Grossman: "This is our place! OURS!"

Saturnine VictimEdit

Arcadia-Tree Farm-Thuggish

Premise: A Splicer engulfed in flames runs for his life.

Location: Arcadia's Entrance within the Tree Farm

Character: Breadwinner model, Thuggish Splicer

Voice: Normal

Upon Killing the Player
  • "It's those Goddamn fanatics!"

Arcadia Entrance HoudiniEdit

Arcadia-Tree Farm-Houdini

Premise: A Saturnine member attacks Jack.

Location: Arcadia's Entrance within the Tree Farm

Character: Lady Smith model, Houdini Splicer

Voice: Normal

Upon Seeing the Player
  • "We Saturnine don't like strangers!"

Lab-Attacking SplicersEdit

Arcadia-Lab Entrance Splicers

Premise: After Jack seals the entrance to the labs, a posse of Splicers cut through the door with a torch to do battle.

Location: Entrance to Langford Research Laboratories

Character: Breadwinner, Dr. Grossman, and Lady Smith model, Thuggish Splicers

Voice: Normal

  • Breadwinner: "Fix'em! Fix'em good!"
  • Lady Smith: "Ready! Ready!"
  • Breadwinner: "Kill the Parasite!"
  • Breadwinner: "Come on! Come on already!"
  • Breadwinner: "What's taking so long!?"


Sabotaging SplicerEdit


Premise: Fed up with others hacking the machines, a Splicer rigs a Circus of Values Vending Machine to deploy grenades.

Location: Hephaestus Core

Character: Waders Model, Houdini Splicer

Voice: Original

Sabotaging the Vending Machine
  • "That’s right, boyos…try now to mess with me gizmos…I’ll show you sticks and stones."

Olympus HeightsEdit

Waltzing SplicersEdit

Bshock dancingsplicers

Premise: In a tender moment, two Splicers share a foxtrot to the tune of Cohen's Scherzo.

Location: Sander Cohen's Mercury Suites apartment, Ballroom

Character: Breadwinner and Lady Smith Model, Houdini Splicers

Voice: Normal

Abandoned Apartment SplicersEdit

Olympus Heights-Abandoned Apts Splicers

Premise: Two Splicers guard their territory from any uninvited guests.

Location: Abandoned Mercury Suites apartment

Characters: Breadwinner and Lady Smith Model, Nitro and Thuggish Splicer

Voice: Normal

  • Lady Smith: "Squatter! Parasite! Get out of my house."

BioShock 2Edit

Adonis Luxury ResortEdit

Bridge SplicersEdit

Adonis-Bridge Trolls

Premise: Two Splicers argue while searching for resources.

Location: Room with bridge

Characters: Lady Smith and Dr. Grossman model, Thuggish Splicers

Voice: Normal

  • Lady Smith: "I haven’t had a taste of ADAM in weeks."
  • Doctor Grossman: "I don’t need to hear your grousing! Go running to Lamb if you’re so desperate."
  • Lady Smith: "Maybe I will. I’m sick of digging through muck for a scrap to eat."
  • Doctor Grossman: "I said quit complaining! Tiresome, filthy (unintelligible)…hag!"

Atlantic ExpressEdit

Gossiping SplicersEdit

BioShock-2 2009 12-21-09 05

Premise: Three Splicers discuss rumors they've heard about Jack.

Location: Workshop 6B

Characters: Breadwinner, Baby Jane, and Toasty models, Leadhead Splicers

Voice: Normal; Baby Jane voiced by Sheryl Lee.[1]

  • Breadwinner: "I’m tellin ya, he’s up topside now highballin’ it with all the cancan girls, and if anybody gets lippy, pow, he’s got the bomb."
  • Baby Jane: "Nuts! He saved a whole kindergarten fill of cutesy little brats and went up happy ever after. He was a pansy. End of story."
  • Toasty: "You think I give half a squirt what he’s done? He’s gone now, and Doc Lamb's the news."

Ryan AmusementsEdit

Museum Entrance Ambush SplicerEdit

Premise: A Splicer rallies others in preparation for an ambush.

Location: Museum Entrance

Character: Ducky model, Leadhead Splicer

Voice: Normal

Before Reaching the Park Entrance
  • "Listen up, choppers! Get yourself hid! No fuck ups this time!"
Upon Reaching the Park Entrance
  • "Daddy’s home! Take aim! Fire!"

Roger and EdnaEdit

Roger & Edna

Premise: Two Splicers argue while working on a Turret.

Location: Hall of the Future

Characters: Ducky and Lady Smith model, Leadhead Splicers

Voice: Normal

  • Roger: "Busted pile of junk! You broke it, didn’t you, Edna!? Everything you touch turns to shit!"
  • Edna: "Mean! You’re mean, Roger! It was probably your clumsy, fat hands that loused it up."
  • Roger: "Typical broad! Stay away from things you don’t know nothing about!"

Gift Shop SplicerEdit

Premise: A Splicer reacts as Subject Delta enters his domain, but is unprepared for Delta's strength.

Location: Gift Shop

Character: Toasty model, Thuggish Splicer

Voice: Normal

Upon Entering the Gift Shop
  • "Your kind ain’t welcome here! Help! He won’t listen!"

Journey to the Surface SplicerEdit

Premise: A Splicer directs other to take out the player.

Location: Journey to the Surface embarkation area

Character: Lady Smith model, Leadhead Splicer

Voice: Normal

Upon Reaching the stairs to Journey to the Surface
  • "I told you about this one. Make him listen!"
When Pushing the Ride Car Down
  • "Come on, exert yourself! Flatten him out."

Propaganda Painter SplicerEdit

Amusements Journey-Surface06

Premise: A Splicer writes Rapture Family propaganda on a wall, using a paintbrush.

Location: Journey to the Surface ride, near the Ride Maintenance Garage

Character: Lady Smith, Leadhead Splicer

Voice: NA

Memorial Museum SplicerEdit

Premise: A Splicer leads others in a final ambush.

Location: Memorial Museum

Character: Toasty model, Leadhead Splicer

Voice: Normal

Upon Reaching the Entrance to Journey to the Surface
  • "Come out choppers. Let’s tear this place apart!"

Pauper's DropEdit

Sinclair Deluxe BruteEdit

Paup-Drop Doorman

Premise: A Brute Splicer impedes the path to the hotel.

Location: The Sinclair Deluxe

Character: Brute model, Brute Splicer

Voice: Normal

Upon Reaching the Hallway to the Lobby
  • "Gracie says piss off ‘an die, ya tin shithouse!"

King Pawn BruteEdit

Premise: A Brute Splicer ambushes Subject Delta, destroying the pawn shop sign in the process.

Location: Town Square

Character: Brute model, Brute Splicer

Voice: Normal

Fontaine Clinics SplicerEdit

Paup-Drop Take-Your-Medicine

Premise: A Splicer ambushes Subject Delta by lobbing a flaming oil drum at him.

Location: Town Square, Fontaine Clinics

Character: Breadwinner model

Voice: Normal

When Kicking the Drum Down the Stairs
  • "Surprise, pal."

Limbo Room SplicersEdit

Tumblr m9higmYcLz1r98n8go1 1280

Premise: Two Splicers share a slow dance to the tune of "I'm Making Believe" by the Ink Spots.

Location: The Limbo Room

Character: Breadwinner and Lady Smith Model, Leadhead Splicers

Voice: Normal

Lobby Ambush SplicerEdit

Paup-Drop Welcome-Party

Premise: A group of Splicers lie in wait as Delta enters the hotel.

Location: Sinclair Deluxe lobby

Character: Breadwinner model, Thuggish Splicer

Voice: Normal

Upon Delta Breaking Through the Rubble
  • "Shh, shut up, here he comes!"

Siren AlleyEdit

Siren Alley Entrance SplicerEdit

Siren Alley-Rumbler Hunting

Premise: A trio of Splicers take on a Rumbler.

Location: Little Eden Plaza

Character: Baby Jane model, Leadhead Splicer

Voice: Normal

When the Airlock Door Opens
  • "Look at this rusted piece of crap! Show’em what we got boys."

Jukebox SplicerEdit

Siren Alley-Music Lover

Premise: An impatient Splicer vents his frustration on a Jukebox.

Location: The Mermaid Lounge

Character: Breadwinner model, Leadhead Splicer

Voice: Normal

Beating on the Jukebox
  • "I coughed up my nickel, play the damn song ya stupid box of shit!"
Upon Getting the Song "Need a Little Sugar in My Bowl" to Play
  • "Bingo! Ha! Yeah, that’s my tune!"

Poker SplicersEdit

Siren Alley-Card Sharp Shooters

Premise: A high-stakes game of cards between two Splicers has escalated to a brawl.

Location: Mermaid Lounge Casino

Character: Breadwinner and Toasty models, Leadhead Splicers

Voice: Normal

  • Breadwinner: "Hey, I saw that! You fuckin’ cheat!"
  • Toasty: "What’d you say!?"
  • Breadwinner: "You heard me! You’re cheatin’!"
  • Toasty: "That’s it! I’ve had enough of you already!"
  • Breadwinner: "Think you can pull one over on me!? Come’re!"

Bar SplicerEdit

Premise: A Splicer walks into the bar for a drink.

Location: Mermaid Lounge

Character: Breadwinner model, Leadhead Splicer

Voice: Normal

Upon Exiting the Casino
  • "Hey bartender! Y-ya got a payin’ customer over here!"

Pink Pearl SplicersEdit

Siren Alley-Solicitation

Premise: One Splicer tries to arrange a night of fun with another.

Location: The Pink Pearl, second floor

Character: Baby Jane and Toasty models, Leadhead Splicers

Voice: Normal

  • Baby Jane: "(Giggles) Hey handsome, you see anything you like?"
  • Toasty: "Well hello there. Um, how much?"
  • Baby Jane: "Twenty bills and I’m all yours, sailor."
  • Toasty: "Oh, great! Twenty bucks for um…anything I want, right?"
  • Baby Jane: "Haha, fine by me Sugar, so long as it don’t leave a mark."
  • Toasty: "Can we negotiate the price, huh?"

Sexual Assault SplicersEdit

Siren Alley-Bad Touch

Premise: A Splicer drags another one away kicking and screaming to do unspeakable things.

Location: The Pink Pearl, third floor

Character: Breadwinner and Baby Jane models, Indeterminate

Voice: Normal

  • Breadwinner: "I got PLANS for you, honey! This is gonna be fun."
  • Baby Jane: "Unhand me at ONCE! You can’t do this!! HELP!!"

Little Eden SplicerEdit

Siren Alley-Excessive

Premise: A Splicer yells at another, and then murders her for failing to keep a lookout.

Location: Little Eden Plaza

Character: Breadwinner model, Leadhead Splicer

Voice: Normal

  • Breadwinner: "I told you to keep watch and now there’s a Metal Daddy on our ass! You Dumb, Stupid, Broad!"
  • Breadwinner: "That shut ya up, dumb broad."

Joe's Green Groceries SplicerEdit

Siren Alley-Locked Out

Premise: A Splicer begs for admittance to the hidden Plasmid Lab.

Location: Joe's Green Groceries

Character: Baby Jane model, Leadhead Splicer

Voice: Normal

  • Baby Jane: "Let me in! I demand you let me in!"
  • Baby Jane: "Come on! Let me in! I’m good for it, I promise!"
  • Baby Jane: "Fine! Be that way! I’ll just find the switch myself!"
  • Baby Jane: "If I was a little switch, where would I hide?!"
  • Baby Jane: "Oh finally! I knew you’d see things my way."

Illegal Plasmid Lab SplicerEdit

Premise: A Splicer warns trespassers to leave.

Location: Joe's Green Groceries, Illegal Plasmid Lab

Character: Toasty model, Indeterminate

Voice: Normal

When the Baby Jane Splicer or Subject Delta Descend the Staircase
  • "Fuck! Turn the fuck around! I’m warnin’ ya!"
  • "We don’t need you mucking up our business!"

Dionysus ParkEdit

Cohen's Collection SplicersEdit

Dion Park-Looters

Premise: Three Splicers search the gallery for valuables.

Location: Cohen’s Collection

Characters: Toasty, Lady Smith, and Breadwinner models, Leadhead Splicers

Voice: Normal

  • Toasty: "Jesus, will ya look at this haul! We’re gonna be rich!"
  • Lady Smith: "Oh my yes. If you enjoy slime and muck, it’s utterly divine."
  • Breadwinner: "Oh, la-dee-fuckin’-da! Listen princess, next time you eat out of the trash, I want you to think of me!"
  • Lady Smith: "A lady’s got to have some standards."

Maintenance Access SplicersEdit

Dion Park-Failed Partnership

Premise: In a demonstration of paranoid instability, a Splicer, fearing betrayal, beats his friend to death.

Location: Maintenance Access

Characters: Toasty model, Leadhead Splicer

Voice: Normal

  • Toasty: "Partners! We were partners! 'Share and share alike,' I said, but I heard your mind. You were thinking about taking it all for yourself. Why would you throw away our friendship? Don’t just lie there bleeding say something!"

Sasha and Her PartnerEdit

Dion Park-Sasha & Her Man

Premise: Two Splicers attempt to crack a safe.

Location: Maintenance Access

Characters: Lady Smith and Breadwinner models, Leadhead Splicers

Voice: Normal

  • Breadwinner: "Hey, Sasha! Crack the safe already, I want my Goddamn toy surprise!"
  • Sasha: "(sigh)Oh so terribly close. Why won’t you cooperate?"
  • Breadwinner: "Tickety-tock Sasha. Any week now."
  • Sasha: "There we go and with just a bit of finesse…"

Triton Cinema Lounge SplicersEdit

Triton dance

Premise: Two splicers slow-dance to "Sweet Madness" playing on the jukebox.

Location: Triton Cinema Lounge

Character: Houdini Splicers

Voice: Normal

The Promenade HoudiniEdit

Dion Park-Duck & Cover

Premise: A Houdini plays target practice with another Splicer.

Location: The Promenade

Characters: Breadwinner models, Houdini Splicer

Voice: Normal

  • Breadwinner: "Try not to burn the valuables there, champ."

Behind the ScenesEdit

  • The dialogue from the "Little Eden Splicer" implies that he murders the Baby Jane. In point of fact, her body is a corpse from the start. It takes so long for Subject Delta to make it over to the scene of the crime that there was no need for the designers to animate her being hit, falling over, and dying.
  • Although a Toasty model Splicer's voice is heard ordering either the Baby Jane Splicer or Subject Delta to leave the Illegal Plasmid Lab at Joe's Green Groceries, there isn't actually a Toasty model present. No Splicers appear until Delta activates the safe in the office, so the dialogue is simply unattached to any particular figure.


  1. Sheryl Lee's IMDb page: She was hired on BioShock 2 (2010) by accident, due to some mix up with the auditions. She plays one of the Splicers standing around a fire discussing what happened to Jack near the start.

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