You got it, J.F.! Make me look bad with the boss, will ya? Well we'll see about that!"
― Sansmark's only spoken line[src]

Scofield Sansmark is the Head of Security for Jeremiah Fink in Columbia.

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Sansmark was first found dead in the lobby of the Good Time Club. Hanging from the club's sign, Sansmark was made an example of for failing Fink as his Head of Security. Sometime later, when Elizabeth and Booker DeWitt entered a Tear to find Chen Lin alive in a different Columbia, they're ambushed by Soldiers, and Elizabeth is shocked to find they're led by Sansmark, who appears shifting between Tears because of being both alive and dead. Like others suffering from being Merged, he is bleeding from the mouth, nose, and ears, but he behaves normally. From an interrogation film and a new Kinetoscope, they find that Chen Lin was only alive in this Columbia because he married Sansmark's sister, Sarah.

When re-entering entering the club space, he is the final soldier to appear in the second Columbia. He has a few unique lines, but lacks any special weapons or strategies and attacks like any other soldier before being killed by Booker DeWitt. Elizabeth notes when he is killed that he was the dead man in the lobby of the first Columbia's Good Time Club.

As Booker and Elizabeth exit the Good Time Club in the second Columbia, they may note that the marquee over the club, which previously read "BOOKER DEWITT AUDITION TODAY!" now read "SANSMARK RETIREMENT GALA" indicating that he was about to retire from Fink Manufacturing.


Behind the ScenesEdit

  • Sansmark's model was reused for Preston E. Downs' Voxophone photo, which even wears the same hat.
  • The sign inscribed SACKED around Sansmark's corpse could be a reference to Alex the Great's similar FIRED signs found with his victims/former employees.
  • "Sacked" is a common London cockney slang term referring to firing an individual from their career.